This beautifully powerful bronze sculpture by Paige Bradley has inspired me in so many ways from the first time I saw it a number of years ago. Each time I look at it, I am reminded of how much stronger I become when I step outside of comfort and safety. It reminds me to break

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A Clutch Experiment


This cold weather is good for something, at least! Yesterday, I was inspired to make myself a small, stylish, black leather clutch purse when I realised I don’t have one that’s not super fancy and you’d only take to a wedding. Since the weather is getting colder, I need a small bag that suits the

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Thanks, Grandpa


I come from a very creative family on both sides. My Dad’s father owned these metal hand punches and he gave them to my Dad to use in his muzzle loading rifle making business. Now they belong to me and sit patiently on my workbench, waiting for inspiration to strike me so that I may

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